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Operation Theater

Minor Surgeries and Procedures

A minor surgical procedure, or office procedure, typically includes any procedure that can be safely performed in an outpatient setting, without the use of general anaesthesia or the need for respiratory assistance.

It may include urgent procedures such as management and suturing of simple open wounds, or planned (elective)  procedures such as removals of lumps and bumps in the skin.

Surgical Scissors

There is a variety of surgical procedures we can perform at Calrose Medical Family clinic. These include:

  • Stitching of open wounds

  • Closing of wounds using tissue glue

  • Removal of small to moderate lumps and bumps in the skin

  • Change of Wound Dressings

  • Draining of small abscesses and infections

  • Simple, uncomplicated removal of foreign body from the eye(s), ear(s), nose and throat

  • Ear syringing  / flushing for removal of blocked ear wax

  • Cryotherapy / Freezing of skin warts, skin tags, and genital warts

  • Removal of fluid from the knee joint

  • Intra-articular injections

  • Hydrocortisone & Lignocaine Injections

  • Intra-lesional steroid injections for keloids

  • Intra-lesional steroid injections for bald patches on the scalp

  • Partial and Total toenail avulsions for ingrown toenails

Arrange a consult with the doctor to explore if the procedure you need can be performed in our clinic.

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